Little Sparrow

Craft cocktails & globally inspired share-plates.
Dinner Wed-Sun nights beginning at 5:30. Sunday Brunch, 10am to 3pm.

Say Goodbye, Say Hello.

Over the past three years Little Sparrow quickly grew from a neighborhood cafe into a nationally and regionally award winning restaurant. Along the way we had a lot of fun - turning ourselves into a French pop-up, being on a reality tv show, and just generally being a part of the burgeoning dining and cocktail scene in Orange County.

Now it is time for this little bird to pivot once again.

This Saturday, April 16th, will be our final day of service as the Little Sparrow you know so well. 

What is it to become? You'll have to wait until next week for all the details. What we will tell you now is...

- No, we didn't sell it. Yes, it is the same owners
- The new name is BlackBox
- Black Box will retain Little Sparrow's award-winning craft cocktail program
- Hopper & Burr will still be serving great coffee during the day